The Company

Welcome to Botanicool, where the coolest plants on the block live. In my world plants have always been a household necessity. They bring life to a table, a desk, or even a kitchen counter. But, the days of having all of your plants in a clay pot or mosaic tile planter are long gone. Why not give your plant more life—a life of style.

The Founder

My name is Hope and I am the founder of Botanicool, a designer planter company. Growing up my mother was a “self proclaimed” plantsman. She had a garden in every inch of our yard that she could claim. I always loved that she talked to her plants—even gave them names.

Just like you nurture your children or pets, my mother also nurtured her flowers and plants. So it felt only customary to name my succulents, which are easily the best plants ever. I've learned that even if you don't have a garden or a green thumb, you can still add color, creativity, and life to your humble abode. 

Sometimes, when past and present combine it can be something beautiful.  In my case, my memories as a child and creativity as an adult created something ever so beautiful. So, welcome to Botanicool. 


Hope Tarin, Founder of Botanicool