Simple steps. Simple plants.

Air Plant Background

Tropical plants found in Mexico, Argentina, and the Caribbean. Air plants cling wherever conditions permit : trees, telephone wires, barks, bare rocks etc. Air plants thrive off of air and do not house a root system. They are used to humid environments which allows them to be saturated every so often. They absorb water in small amounts through their leaves via small hair like follicles. These plants are ideal for beginners.


  • Bright to moderate indirect light is best for air plants

  • Although, they can thrive in fluorescent settings or in well lit interior rooms


  • Water once a week for 30 minutes to 1 hour

  • Do not use distilled water

  • Rain water or creek water is ideal. If using tap water, let water sit on counter for minimum of 1 hour to rid any chemicals. Place air plant in a bowl, cup, or sink of water to allow soaking. Afterwards, place air plants on level surface upside down (root face up) to fully dry before returning them to their planter