On the go essentials


I have preached about how comfort is key. And I will keep on preaching! You can be put together, chic, stylin' n wilin', whatever you want to call it, all while being comfortable. Before I became a mom I was not as much of a believer in this statement. It comes down to how much time you want to truly dedicate to looking and feeling good. If you are most comfortable in sweats or yoga pants then that is totally fine! Just wear a cute top or sweater with it and throw on a few accessories. I think looking put together is viewed as "hard to achieve" when you are a mom. I make sure that almost every day I am showered with my hair and makeup done. Even if I have to bring my little dude into the bathroom or bedroom to watch me get ready, you better believe I will. Taking care of yourself is important! Okay, I will get off my soap box now. 

This is one of my current favorite on the go looks. These Align yoga pants from lululemon are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE pair of leggings I own. When I say they feel like you have nothing on, that is no exaggeration. They literally feel like skin. Currently, the leggings come in six different colors and now a cropped version. I would recommend getting at least one pair—or five! I paired them with this boxy quilted sweatshirt from BCBGeneration that I snagged last year. I love the slight boyish cut for a change. And, it's covered in glitter! Top it off with a puff ball beanie and I am ready to run errands like super woman.

-And as always, My Haus is Your Haus