Vacation ready with Target


I don't know about you, but I need a VACATION! Especially with these temperatures rising daily in Dallas, it makes me crave the ocean! When prepping for a vaca I love to be able to go to one place to get the majority of my necessities. Because let’s be honest, the to do lists and packing lists are chaotic at times. Take me somewhere that I can buy 90% of my things and lets call it a day. Can I get an amen?

Let's say it together "Thank. God. For. Target!" Yes I may end up purchasing more than what I had intended but I will get everything on my list that I actually need too! Well, maybe. Plus, all of their merchandise is so reasonably priced and great quality. I've always been a fan of their swimwear for the whole family but this year they stepped up their game even more. They have the most adorable one-pieces, high waisted bottoms, and even the infamous OTS (off the shoulder) bikini tops. Especially since Victorias Secret no longer carries swim wear (may they RIP) I will most definitely be buying my new suits from Target this year.

So if you have a tropical destination trip in the near future or maybe you just need to get geared up for pool season, I've got you covered. Start shopping my favorite Target finds right below! 


-And as always, My Haus is Your Haus