Calling all marble lovers. Slade is straight out of a slab of quartz and is dying to be added to your kitchen counter. He is more of a modern take on marble but just as classic as our best gal Sia

Every plant deserves to be in a beautiful setting, but more importantly in a beautiful container. Let your contemporary succulent be a conversation piece at your home, office, or celebration. All of the Botanicool planters are designed in-house and are handmade in Dallas, Texas. Shop our full collection now!



Planter Information:

  • Label color: White, Green, and Brown

  • Slight gloss finish
  • Wipe clean with rag (label is water resistant)
  • DO NOT submerge container in a large amount of water
  • See our Succulent Care Tips for additional notes 


Detailed Specifications:

  • Container: 4 1/4” diameter x 4.9” height

*Succulent not included

$7.95 2-day shipping; complimentary shipping over $40.

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