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Made like the old days.

All of our products are carefully hand-crafted in the USA.

Sold like the new days.

We sell and ship directly to you from Dallas, Texas — which is how we’re able to keep prices accessible.

Botanicool Foudner, Hope Tarin

The Company

We believe in the beauty of handmade.

We launched in 2017 with just a few products, each one crafted by us in Dallas. The original product line inspired our name, which is a play on Botanicals (because we love plants) and the word ‘cool’ (because why not be cool). Our offerings span from interior goods to planters and is ever-growing — in other words, we’re always seeking new ways to BCool.

Hope Tarin, Dallas Founder of Botanicool

The Founder

Meet Hope: The girl behind the vision.

I have been an art driven mind since I was a child. Creating and designing is simply in my veins. With an Arts degree, a box full of craft stuff, and a random idea — Botanicool was born. I’d love to say this has been my life long dream since I was young, but it wasn’t. I have found a new love for interior design beyond my wildest dreams and truly believe that that “love” comes across in every piece that we design. Not everything in your home or space will always make sense or have a meaning behind it, but we want our designs to have a cool factor. Because hey—who doesn’t want to BCOOL?