Colder Temps and Succulents


Even if you have never owned a plant of any kind--you still know that when seasons change so do plants. Succulents are way less tricky when temps drop and rise though. Especially indoor succulents. If your succulent cutie is used to the temperature indoors, the adequate sunlight, and every now and then waterings, you should be in the clear. But a few things to note when the fall and winter strikes (in colder climates of course) are as follows:


  1. Any plants considered Soft Succulents (Echeveria, Crassula, Aeonium, Kalanchoe, etc) do not change much at all during the winter. These are semi-tropical plants and generally will not survive temperatures below 25-30 F. They need to be indoors during the winter in any location that regularly freezes.
  2. Sempervivum responds to the cold primarily by changing color and closing up (majority of the hardy succulents we provide will do exactly this if in a colder climate). 
  3. Your watering schedule may slow down a bit if you are in a colder area. The succulents retain water a little longer due to the colder temps and less sun.